Our company offers two lines of ultrashort pulse fiber lasers:  optimized for seeding laser amplifiers and designed for nonlinear applications, like pumping or seeding parametrical amplifiers.  All our products are industrial grade lasers based on patented pulse generator technology.

Ultrashort pulse fiber lasers for seeding laser amplifiers

We understand that each laser system is unique in some ways, be it optical parameters, electric interface or mechanical layout, therefore the standard list of specifications is more of the guideline of what is possible. Consider our seed lasers like LEGO – if the parts stick together it will work. Our telecom grade technology base and many years of experience in ultrashort fiber lasers allows confidently say if the parts stick – can required configuration be reliably produced.

Femtosecond fiber lasers for nonlinear applications

Based on the same telecom grade technology as our seed lasers, femtosecond laser line is designed for non-linear applications, like seeding and pumping optical parametric oscillators or generators and multiphoton microscopy. Combination of high robustness and stability with very short pulse duration and high peak power, allows our customers to forget about the laser and concentrate on their application. All the lasers in the line are turn-key, maintenance-free and come with 2 years standard warranty.