Pulse generator

Ultrashort pulse generators [1-3] are based on ground-breaking technology protected by World class patent (WO2016020188) which brings telecom grade performance to industrial and scientific lasers.

The key advantage of this technology is that has zero consumable parts and are exceptionally robust to the environmental disturbances, like vibration and temperature changes.

Other advantages

  • Reliable self-starting operation
  • Temporally and spectrally clean pulses
  • Highly customizable output parameters
  • Fast and cost effective assembly
Schematic representation of pulse evolution in the spectral domain


1. K. Regelskis et al. “Ytterbium-doped fiber ultrashort pulse generator based on self-phase modulation and alternating spectral filtering.” Optics Letters 40, 5255 (2015).

2. F. W. Wise et al. “Megawatt peak power from a Mamyshev oscillator.” Optica 4, 649 (2017).

3. V. Gapontsev et al. “Environmentally stable seed source for high power ultrafast laser.” Proc. SPIE 10085, 100850S (2017).

Advanced seed lasers

Based on robust pulse generator we offer wide range of fiber seed lasers for different ultrashort pulse laser systems. All our models feature highly reliable environmentally stable design. Different central wavelengths, repetition rates, pulse durations and energies, dispersion profiles are possible. We offer some unique features which make our seed lasers unique on the market, like µJ level pulse energies directly from the fiber, ultra-broadband output up to 50nm spectral bandwidth, electronic dispersion tuning etc. For some standard combinations of the parameters visit our product page.

Example of advanced tunable dispersion element

Customized products

When our standard models do not cover your requirements, we are ready to design the optimal seed laser for your application. We possess many years of experience designing, developing and producing ultrashort pulse fiber lasers. Flexibility of the pulse generator technology along with in-house manufacturing capabilities supported by with in-depth numerical simulation tools and experience allow us to offer very rapid prototyping with minimal expenses.

Example of modeling of ultrashort pulse propagation in pulse generator